Qi Nei Zang – Energy Massage

This is one of the most obscure and esoteric Healing practices in all Eastern Healing traditions. It's where the Alchemy of an authentic Qi Gong practice meets the proved framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge to provide a most direct, dynamic and powerful Healing modality.

There are only a few genuinely trained Qi Nei Zang practitioners and even fewer teachers as this form is only passed down after years of continued Internal Qi Gong practice and successful Traditional Chinese Medicine academic training and clinical application.

Fundamentally, in the Traditional Chinese Medicine paradigm all aspects of a human being are an expression that correlates to their internal organs' systemic functions, therefore all its practices boil down to positively influencing the harmony and functions of the internal organs. For example, the meridians (Energy pathways) and points used in acupuncture and acupressure individually originate from and affect a specific organ. In this light, Qi Nei Zang bypasses the need for a 'peripheral' approach and deals directly with the source of any imbalances, by affecting the core of the organism.

Qi Nei Zang loosely translates to "the enhancement/regulation of the internal organs' energetic system" and it is predominantly practiced through the palms and fingertips on the patient's abdomen. It may involve some gentle physical manipulations of some of the organs or a purely energetic approach in order to shift and assist with removing or processing either physical or energetic/emotional blockages and obstructions, relieve tensions, harmonise the organs' functions and fine-tune their interdependency, expressions and correlations as well as improving or re-establishing self-ownership and Body/Mind connection and alignment.

During an initial consult I gather all relevant information, suggest and discuss a treatment plan in detail and perform an initial treatment to introduce and familiarise new patients to this practice. Follow ups are much more in-depth and may be combined with Herbal Medicine, nutritional strategies and other complementing approaches to maximise the efficacy of the process.