Qi – Energy Healing

QI, pronounced 'chee', literally means (Vital) Energy. As such, it is the ethereal foundation and building block of all that we are. In order to perform its purpose, it needs to be plentiful and flow both freely and continuously. The quality of QI we access and produce depends on every little choice we make in our daily life both as individuals and as a whole society. Making informed, sustainable and positively healthy decisions when faced with options and choices is paramount to maintaining good levels and quality of Energy.

Our nutrition, recreation, exercise, fun/work balance and sexual health are some examples of influences that can affect Qi either positively or negatively depending on our how we treat ourselves, consciously or unconsciously. Unresolved traumas, poor choices, emotional strife and stress are examples of issues that limit Energy flow by creating obstructions, blockages and stagnation in our system.

My approaches to effectively influence QI positively are: