This is a very well known and time-tested practice that has emerged in various forms across many cultures throughout the world. The current trend, from a clinical perspective, is positively leaning toward teaching patients Mindfulness exercises as opposed to more traditional Eastern style Meditation techniques that most people associate the concept to. The main difference is that Mindfulness does not require as much background knowledge and preparation or study...anyone can learn very quickly and practice anywhere, anytime!!

Fundamentally, both offer the means to more deeply and consciously sink into the 'HERE and NOW' of a present experience, to avoid getting tangled in the stress and anxiety that may be experienced if we relive past events or hypothesise future ones with a  negative emotional charge. Aside from being two of the most powerful relaxation tools available, Meditation and Mindfulness can also be helpful with the improvement of other emotional, mental and physical aspects of our health, for example by fostering a calmer and more positive disposition and by assisting with the process of establishing new habits to replace less desirable past ones.

have trained in several buddhist meditation practices and have over two decades of experience with teaching Vipassana (Insight Meditation) and Breathwork techniques to individuals and groups. I also offer easy to learn and practice Mindfulness techniques for daily life as part of my Coaching work whenever it appears useful or if specifically requested.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about Meditation and Mindfulness in my clinical practice.