JING litarelly translates to Essence...who we ESSENTIALLY are, both individually and as a species. It represents the foundations of our PHYSICAL existence and all that pertains to it. From this 'portal' we can most easily access all the elements that influence and affect our body and its functions at its most physical and physiological level. Harmonising JING will also positively affect the whole down the track, being that we truly are multi-dimentional units. JING is also the most primal, animalistic, sexual/reproductive part of our being.The quality of each individual's JING is partially inherited from his/her ancestry and, more directly and immediately, parents and partially determined by our own lifestyle choices, such as nutrition, fitness, mindset and beyond. If we don't take adequate care of ourselves in any particular way, our Jing deteriorates and this results in partial or total loss of vigour and drive, personal power and worth, resistance and stamina, general health and mental prowess.

My approaches to effectively influence JING positively are: