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My Healing practices focus on Jing, Qi and Shen, the 'Three Treasures' (basic aspects) that make up the foundations of a human being. From each one, we can intervene on the 'whole' in order to establish and/or maintain balance and maximise our experience of being truly alive, accountable and powerful!


My Mission...


Some of us will make it to an advanced age and this is determined by more than chance, genes or 'pre-disposition' alone. We have the opportunity to influence our own longevity to a very great extent. Even more so, the quality of our lives THEN will be the direct result of each and every choice we make every single moment we live NOW. From the way we breathe to what we eat, from our posture to our chosen activities, absolutely nothing can be excluded from what can be considered as positive and negative contributions to our own future. It is first and foremost our very own responsibility to care for our health. Let's invest our time and efforts in what is constructive and learn how to Love ourselves enough to allow the necessary alignment to the unimaginable Force we are enbedded in from birth, that which we call Nature or the Universe, so that we may be whole and content on this beautiful life-giving Planet. I embrace this wholeheartedly, and I'd like to share it with all who are ready...